Johnnie Liliedahl: Old Master Methods: The Grisaille


2 Different Portrait/Figure Projects on 1 CD


The two (2) projects contained on this CD, when viewed or printed, are exact reproductions of the original, printed versions. The user has complete control of the viewing process and may choose to print any or all of the included documentation, as desired. Printing images in color requires the user to have a color printer.


The CD contains the following information for viewing and/or printing for each of the projects:
35 pages of instructions
20 Full-Color images; Color Swatch Reference Guides (displayed in color on user's computer monitor for easy reference; requires a color printer to print in color)
Line Drawings included for the user to print and enlarge to the painting size of their choice.


1. Grecian Girl, by J. Liliedahl

SIZE: 18" x 24"

TECHNIQUE: Academic Grisaille, Glazing.

CONTENTS:12 Pages, 9 Color Images, Value Finder Card, Cartoon Line Drawing.

NOTE: After the painting by E.J. Poynter.

This project was designed to show how important values are in the creation of perspective and three-dimensional form. The grisaille painting is a completed work of art in itself. The only color in the painting comes from a few thin glazes at the end, and no opaque application of color is necessary. The images are shown "in color," but the only colors used in 99% of the painting are black and white.

2. Juliet, by J. Liliedahl

SIZE: 18" x 24"

TECHNIQUE: Academic Grisaille Underpainting, Glazing.

CONTENTS: 30 Pages, 8 Color Images, Color Swatches, Value Finder Card, Cartoon Line Drawing.

NOTE: Recommended for intermediate painters.

William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" is one of the great tragedies in all of literature and for centuries painters have attempted to capture the essence of the love story. In pursuit of that same illusive goal, I have selected Juliet as the subject of this lesson so that the knowledge of the story will help you in its execution.

As we know Juliet's approximate age at the time, this project illustrates the method and techniques of capturing and portraying that age through the careful drawing and painting of the facial features.


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