Bill Davidson

Bill Davidson: Painting Simplified

Video Length: 7 Hours

Here’s just a bit of what you’ll get in this video:

  • Use your intuition and just see what you get!
  • Transfer energy from your mind to your canvas
  • Point to your focal point … without a big arrow that says “Look Here”!
  • Lively shadows … a MUST for every artist
  • A little risk goes a long way — Bill shows you!
  • Is representational really abstract? (Bill explains!)
  • The ONE thing that allowed Bill to double his sales in a year — don’t miss this!
  • Bill’s 3-step method to build character and depth (yes, it’s that simple!)
  • How your mental state determines the quality of your paintings (you’ll wish you’d known this a long time ago!)
  • The #1 thing you MUST possess in order to be successful
  • And much, much more...

Highly accomplished artists, whether hobbyists or pros, never stop learning and growing. They know the secret to success is to learn more, do more, and take a few daring risks along the way! They also know that keeping things simple actually leads to higher-quality paintings and brings more enthusiasm and joy into the mix!

For you to build solid momentum with your art, it’s critical you learn from a seasoned artist and instructor who can help you build skill upon skill.

Having taught over 150 workshops, former trial attorney and now professional artist Bill Davidson has what you’re looking for — the ability to meet you where you are and help you add to the skills you already have.

Not only is Bill Davidson a highly talented artist who has received many awards for his work, he’s a well-seasoned and engaging instructor who holds nothing back. He’s a colorful presenter, giving you great information in a highly entertaining way, making the learning fun and very memorable.

As you watch this video, you’ll be amazed at Bill’s ability to clearly communicate in a simple, well-organized manner, all while conducting a full painting demonstration for you.

One of your big takeaways from this video will be that you can succeed with your painting as long as you’re passionate about what you do. The best way to keep that passion alive is to build your skills and challenge yourself to make each painting better than the last.

This video is for everyone! Bill starts by covering the basics of painting principles and design — a powerful lesson for newer painters and a good refresher for more seasoned artists.

Once the foundation is built, he’ll help you build your skills step-by-step, adding to what you already know so you steadily progress and avoid the pitfall of doing the same old thing in every painting.

Follow along with Bill, and soon you’ll find yourself painting more quickly and directly, allowing the process to go faster and much more smoothly — just imagine how it will feel when you’re not stopping frequently to overanalyze and second-guess yourself!

With your refreshed enthusiasm, you’ll be incorporating these new skills into your very next project, creating paintings that allow your excitement to show through. Your viewers and buyers will engage more deeply because they’ll feel the energy you’ve captured in your paintings.

Chapter Outline:

  1. Introduction & Inspiration
  2. Design
  3. Materials
  4. Tonal Wash
  5. Color Wash
  6. Focal Point
  7. Work From Top to Bottom
  8. Develop the Painting
  9. Move to the Finish
  10. Finish the Painting


  1. Editing Your Composition
  2. Interview with the artist conducted by B. Eric Rhoads
  3. Digital Gallery of some of Bill’s finest artwork


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