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Video Length: 18 Hours 15 Minutes
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Carl Bretzke: Sunset Secrets

In “Sunset Secrets”, master artist Carl Bretze will show you:
  • How to prepare to paint a sunset
  • The one color you MUST have to capture a sunset
  • A way to focus and likely enter that coveted FLOW state and just paint
  • Why a flashlight is necessary to a well-finished painting
  • The entire palette is ONLY these 16 colors
  • THIS type of brush is critical to getting the right effect
  • THESE are the 7 steps you MUST complete in 30 minutes to capture a sunset
  • You will need THIS type of light for your easel (yep, it’s going to get dark!)
  • Why there is a “studio side” to every great sunset painted en plein air
  • Why work on the ground plane is critical to the believability of your painting
  • Drawing and THIS step will speed up your process
  • The key to sky and cloud gradations finally explained AND demonstrated
  • Final adjustments made with THIS in mind
  • How to add artificial lights to your scene
  • Why a muted or hazy sky is amazing, and how to paint it
  • How to recognize the subtle color changes during a sunset
  • The BIG secret – Carl’s “Sunset Sequence” for perfectly capturing the magic of a sunset



Carl Bretzke: NOCTURNES - Painting the Night


Now, pair THAT with what he’s teaching in his popular Nocturnes: Painting the Night course:

  • The “Six-Step System” to creating successful nocturnes
  • How to paint nighttime lit and shadowy snow
  • Tricks to painting realistic reflections
  • How to apply paint in illuminated areas so you can avoid “mud” colors
  • How to literally “see” in the dark and make better color choices
  • The magic of “color shifting” and how to improve your prismatic color painting skills
  • The best tools to help you create glowing effects more easily
  • Light source positioning tips (vital lesson)
  • Painting intriguing “whiteless” white for extra effect
  • How to make a local color change when in light vs. when in shadow
  • The little-known trick to enhancing the reality of the painting
  • The secrets to atmospheric color blending
  • The quickest and easiest way to choose great nocturne subjects

It’s the complete package from a major artist.