Paint By Note

The Easiest Way in the World to Learn Painting (Even If You Have No Talent)

Video Length: 3 Hours 52 Minutes
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Eric can teach anyone to paint, even those who feel they have no talent and "can't draw a stick figure." While most aspiring artists find painting complicated and confusing, this system breaks it down into a series of simple notes — just like music. Eric shows you how to create a painting start to finish, using simple tricks that will make drawing and painting easy.

The process begins with three simple ways you can create a drawing - without knowing how to draw. You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

Using the drawing process, Eric then takes you through a simple exercise explaining how to use the eight notes and why you need them. The next step includes a series of practice sheets so you can learn the process one step at a time. Then you'll be doing a full painting alongside Eric from start to finish.

And you'll discover a training tool used by the Old Masters that not only makes painting easy to learn, it will make all your paintings better.

*Designed for beginner to advanced painters.


Customer Reviews

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Jane E Wirth
The Easiest Way In The World To Learn Painting

I don't paint in oil (I use watercolor & pastel) I did find the video very helpful. I've have a couple of teachers in the past few years, and a Chinese Brush instructor for 10 years before that. However, when you study as I have - mostly in hobby mode - and don't have formal training you miss a lot of the basics. The videos filled me in on many of those, or reinforced what I've heard in class. The demos were extremely helpful in understanding many things that were muddled in my mind.

Patricia Schaller
Great teaching video

I ordered the video by Eric Rhoads and was very pleased . It certainly was informative and answered many questions I never asked or didn't even know to ask. I feel the pointers in this video will greatly improve my painting skills!

Ada Gossett

I am enjoying my DVD and PRACTICE PACK very much. Thank you for the wonderful information.

Great product

Thank you for this information...I've had trouble with the various tones in painting and this product has shown me a very easy and quick way to sort this out. My paintings have been rather flat and now they are three dimensional...
thank you...

George Dalton
Great Instructor

Eric is very concise and informative in laying out his method for learning to paint. Well worth the time to watch and expense to buy this video