Eric Rhoads

The Easiest Way in the World to Learn Painting (Even If You Have No Talent)

Video Length: 3 Hours 52 Minutes

Eric can teach anyone to paint, even those who feel they have no talent and "can't draw a stick figure." While most aspiring artists find painting complicated and confusing, this system breaks it down into a series of simple notes — just like music. Eric shows you how to create a painting start to finish, using simple tricks that will make drawing and painting easy.

The process begins with three simple ways you can create a drawing - without knowing how to draw. You'll be amazed at how easy it is.

Using the drawing process, Eric then takes you through a simple exercise explaining how to use the eight notes and why you need them. The next step includes a series of practice sheets so you can learn the process one step at a time. Then you'll be doing a full painting alongside Eric from start to finish.

And you'll discover a training tool used by the Old Masters that not only makes painting easy to learn, it will make all your paintings better.

*Designed for beginner to advanced painters.


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