Craig Nelson

Craig Nelson: Quick Studies - Changing Light in the Landscape

Video Length: 1 Hour 49 Minutes
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Begin with one reference photo and learn how to use acrylic light painting techniques to change the time of day or the season in a scene.

In this instructive video, you will walk through three different landscape art studies to learn these techniques. This is a useful exercise in acrylic painting because you learn how to master the composition at hand. Plus, the video has exclusive bonus footage, featuring three extra instructional videos! With Craig Nelson’s step-by-step techniques, you will move from a preliminary sketch to a refined painting. Explore the transformative world of acrylic painting!


This Video Features:

  • Laying out an Acrylic Palette
  • Preliminary Sketching and Painting
  • Blocking in the Big Shapes
  • Color Mixing and Placing Value
  • Setting in Final Details
  • Repeating the Process for 2 Other Scenes






Snow Scene