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Painting Landscapes


Winter Landscapes


Before there was “Winter Landscapes”, there was Dave’s “Painting Landscapes”. 

In “Painting Landscapes”, Dave takes a deep dive into atmospheric depth, explains the use of greens, and shows how advancing your skills in painting rocks is necessary in landscape painting.

As you watch and learn, you’ll be building skills in shadow shaping, atmospheric depth, adding meaningful detail, conducting pigment analysis, and avoiding common pitfalls that many artists encounter.

This course is designed for all skill levels, and you’re going to have many aha moments as Dave adjusts his reference image to isolate specific shadows and shapes as they become obviously warmer and darker. These four simple gradations of shadows will become the structure for the entire painting.

Dave explains the goal of each phase and then takes you step-by-step through a full painting demonstration. 


Here are just some of the things Dave will teach you in “Painting Landscapes”… 

  • How to determine distance when creating atmosphere
  • How to master color relationships (chroma and value)
  • Why creating BAD paintings is good!
  • The one painting approach Dave wishes he’d learned when he first started that would have saved him years of experimentation
  • How to capture the "feel of air"
  • Dave's prize-winning secrets for painting atmospheric landscapes
  • Use this ONE thing to bring brilliance into your work
  • Dave's unique approach to mastering greens, and what he does that most artists wouldn’t even think of!
  • Need to set the tone of the painting? Do THIS!
  • What you MUST do to create believable depth
  • Valuable tools to help you analyze a scene (Don’t skip this part of the video!)
  • How to avoid common pitfalls (and even some uncommon ones!)


Pair this with Dave’s “Winter Landscapes” and you’ve got your seasonal landscape needs covered!

In “Winter Landscapes”, Dave deconstructs one of his breathtaking studio paintings. In this behind-the-scenes look at the methods and secrets of this award-winning artist, you will get the insights you need to create snowy landscapes at the next level.

Just look at this painting. You can see that “snow is not white”! 

The many colors and the shading help you feel the cool breeze and almost hear the water trickling in the stream.

What you’ll learn in “Winter Landscapes”: 

  • How to create “atmospheric depth” in your winter landscapes
  • A proven way to paint FASTER with fewer mistakes
  • Master snow-covered trees using Dave’s secret
  • Dave’s own “depth method” for creating a whole world on canvas
  • How to sculpt the color white with an impressive range of values
  • Use THIS color to make all others POP! (You NEED to know this!)
  • A surprising process for shape shadows
  • The strategy Dave uses to build a solid foundation, making everything easier


Dave has been painting outdoors for almost 20 years, learning from his environment to become a nationally recognized landscape painter. His work has been featured in Plein Air Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine and Art of the West. Dave is a signature member of the American Impressionist Society and the Oil Painters of America, and won the grand prize at the 2020 Plein Air Salon (10th Annual).

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