Debra Huse

Debra Huse: Impressionistic Brushwork


Video Length: 2 Hours 33 Minutes
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Paint along with Debra and you’ll discover:

  • The secret way to strategize before painting so you can get the most out of each brushstroke 
  • How to simplify complex subjects and make them easy to capture on your canvas
  • Debra’s unique “Lay it Down and Leave It Alone” approach that avoids overwhelm
  • The effortless way to clear colors so you can say goodbye to a muddy palette
  • The two unique elements Debra adds to her paintings for strong focal points and storytelling
  • The “Keep You Out of Trouble” palette that looks harmonious in any painting
  • How drawing outdoors will allow you to capture the fleeting light of each specific moment 
  • How to learn and internalize techniques by keeping them simple and fun


Debra holds nothing back and shows her three signature techniques:

  • Bold Brushwork. She shows how she applies bold, thick paint with quick movements that give the impressionistic effect she is aiming for.
  • “Lay It Down and Leave It Alone.” This is Debra’s unique technique — perfect if you tend to overwork and never know how to finish a painting.
  • Finding the Light and Shadow for Drama. Capturing light and shadow when painting in plein air is not only fun, it keeps the composition together and creates a dramatic effect. 


Debra is known for her style of loose, impressionistic brushstrokes, thick color, and a vibrant color palette. 

Yet what Debra is most acclaimed for is the fun, enjoyable atmosphere of her paintings. 

“People always tell me my paintings are happy, and I think that’s because I’m so happy making them.” — Debra Huse

What’s more, she uses techniques that are very different from most oil painters because of her background in pastels.

For example, she uses underpainting techniques to achieve her unique colors, and she has a fundamental knowledge of brush sizes and their correct use. 

With her video course, you’ll learn to emulate Debra’s techniques and make them your own. 

That means you’ll be less overwhelmed painting busy scenes, and you’ll be able to balance your palette, capture the light of the moment, add reds and other bold colors to your painting, and so much more.

Follow along with the video and you will capture the historic location of an old shipyard.

Such subjects can be overwhelming, but Debra will teach you how to simplify and organize elements with strategies to make painting easy and successful. 


Strategies include:

  • Using color vs. grays
  • Determining a focal point 
  • Learning what to change to make an idea engaging and fun
  • How to strategize for painting success
  • The secret to getting clean color
  • How to paint with confidence
  • Why Debra loves to add lettering to her paintings
  • The easy way to include a figure in your work


Debra’s unique superpower is strategizing for success with design, value, and color. 

Let her be your guide while you explore exciting subjects and fun atmospheres.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elizabeth McKenzie
Debra Huse: Impressionistic Brushwork

This was really great and even a beginner would enjoy. Really good information on how to make a painting feel happy and also on the technical aspects of the pai...

Richard Korwek
Fun and informative.

Easy to watch and a relaxed way to learn. Great DVD.

Jill Charnley
Debra Huse Art Video

I enjoyed the video very much. I have been trying to loosen up my work and she certainly teaches how to do this, putting the paint down and then leaving it alone. I shall be watching it over and over again.

Christie Keele
Debra Huse Video

Love her work, love this video, and love the thoroughness of her tutorial. I love her personality, her easy to understand technique, and her unpretentiousness. She is amazing!

Debra’s video rocks!

Debra Huse teaches with clarity, kindness, great skill and a fun engaging style!
I highly enjoy all of her content and online teaching as well as her vibrant and uplifting paintings! She also generously shares her art business strategies and experience! A definite video you want to watch and an artist who can inspire through her positive attitude and awesome painting skills!