Frank Webb

Frank Webb: On Watercolor


Video Length: 1 Hour
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If you've been interested in watercolor painting for some time, but find it difficult to wrap your head around the concepts and techniques that are essential for this medium, this workshop from master watercolor artist and teacher Frank Webb might be just the motivation you've been looking for.

In this watercolor instructional video, Webb discusses the most important issues, challenges and advantages of painting with watercolors. As he quietly completes two compositions, from sketch all the way to the finished product, Webb's calm, clear voice can be heard explaining his decisions and pointing out different techniques.

As the workshop begins, Webb introduces students to the importance of choosing a particular scene with a sense of purpose. As he creates a line drawing that will be the foundation for his juicy watercolor style, Webb discusses light as metaphor, and how watercolor is one of the only media that can accurately portray the semblance of light in a scene.

Webb then moves into a discussion of many important watercolor painting topics, including how art is based on insight rather than sight, what he looks for in a painting, what makes a painting successful, how to make a cohesive whole, dealing with figures in a painting, alternation of dark and light, warm and cool, use of push pull, edges, creating depth in a painting, and use of calligraphy. You'll love the intimacy and insight that runs through the course of this watercolor instructional video.

Webb invites you into his studio for a private master class, and as the workshop draws to an end, several paintings from his portfolio to comment on their focus and technique. Students of all levels will benefit from this contemplative look at watercolor as a medium and a passionate art form.