Gavin Glakas

Gavin Glakas: Painting the Night

Video Length: 7 Hours 45 Minutes

In Painting the Night, Gavin Glakas directly and logically explains complicated concepts like:

  • Drawing
  • Color Harmony
  • Paint Quality
  • Aerial Perspective
  • Depth
  • Composition
  • Design
  • Texture
  • Realism


And he does all of these things backed with technique, tools, and a true passion for painting. You’ll be taken by his teaching style and the ease of his approach. You’ll find yourself adapting to it faster and with less effort than you may think is even possible.


Here’s a bit more of what you’ll experience:

  • How to go from fuzzy idea to a finished scene that tells an emotional story 
  • What pushing color does to create emotion 
  • The detailed technique for light reflecting on a building or passing over the uneven surface of a cobblestone road 
  • How to suggest architectural details and let the viewer “finish” the painting 
  • A proven approach to creating exciting, unpredictable, vibrant, and believable color
  • Why breaking away from the confines of a photograph is necessary, and how to do it


You’ll learn these tips from this top-tier professional artist:

  • How to master the art of using thick AND thin paint 
  • How to manipulate edges 
  • Layering colors the easy way 
  • Combination brush AND palette knife effects 
  • Creating the atmosphere you want, every time 
  • Contrasting warm and cool colors for impact 
  • How to paint loosely but accurately
  • And a whole lot more!


Get the Lights to ‘Glow’!

Gavin will break down exactly how he gets the lights to glow and feel so inviting. He has an approach to pushing and experimenting with vibrant, exciting color that is logical and understandable. And most importantly, it’s easy to actually use in your paintings.

‘Suggest’ Architectural Details

Gavin has a method that relies on the brain of the viewer to mentally complete some details in his paintings. He has perfected exactly how to do this so his work is believable. He even shows how you can exaggerate some elements, minimize others, and distort object shapes, all while enhancing the realism you create and the story you are telling.

Gavin will teach you how to paint cityscapes at night that truly tell a story. It will be like flipping a (light) switch! Your scenes will glow with a natural, smooth, warm, and colorful light. You’ll be creating the kind of paintings people can’t stop looking at!

The Scoop on Gavin’s Materials and Tools

In the beginning of this video, you’ll learn about Gavin’s favorite brushes that help him create crisp lines and angles. Plus he’ll share the two mediums you’ll need on hand to create the color and look that helps take your paintings far beyond where they are now — and isn’t that what every artist wants to do?

There are things I couldn’t possibly explain in words, but I can clearly explain them in paint!” 

 -Gavin Glakas


Gavin is an excellent instructor who talks his way through each painting (whether he’s teaching or he’s painting alone!) so you’ll hear every decision and thought process as he progresses through the instruction and demonstration painting.


Chapter Outline

Chapter 1: Materials

Goal for Segment: Review Materials & Tools 

Basic color palette, a few brushes, liquin, gamsol and linseed oil


Chapter 2: Review the Subject: Composition & Color

Goal for segment: Explain how to proceed with the painting and explain Color Theory


Chapter 3: Initial Sketch

Goal for segment: Sketch in composition using major shapes and angles


Chapter 4: Block in Color

Goal for segment: to figure out what matters and what doesn't, to get a feel for the TERRAIN of the painting, to depict a block in of color as dramatic and believable as possible


Chapter 5: Work From Focal Point Out

Goal for segment: Work from general block-in to specific details starting in focal point


Chapter 6: Secondary Details

Goal for segment: Work on details beyond the focal point


Chapter 7: Foreground Details

Goal for segment: Work on details in foreground 


Chapter 8: Final Details

Goal for segment: Add details 


Chapter 9: Cleanup

Goal for segment: adjust and finish


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