Gina Rossi Armfield

Gina Rossi Armfield: No Excuses Watercolor Painting Animals

Video Length: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
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Paint Wild and Wonderful Watercolor Animals!

In this preview you’ll get a peek at the grizzly bear in the beginning stages, and the heron near the finishing touches!

Learn to paint furry and feathered friends in No Excuses Watercolor Painting Animals! In this art instruction video, mixed-media watercolorist Gina Rossi Armfield will show you how to create two beautiful, expressive paintings—a great blue heron and a grizzly bear—from the beginning sketch to the final details. Start by turning a loose gesture drawing into a refined contour drawing. Then join Gina as she paints the lightest colors to the darkest darks, and gives you her tips for give the impression of fur and feathers. Add variety and depth to your paintings by creating textured backgrounds, shadows and more using watercolor and other water-soluble media. Give life to your favorite animals today!

This workshop includes:

  • Lessons about drawing animal eyes, beaks and noses
  • Techniques for giving texture to feathers and fur
  • 150 minutes of in-depth watercolor instruction

About the Artist

Gina Rossi Armfield is a painter, photographer, wife and mother. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Mark, two sons, Grayson and Payton, and a herd of furry critters. Gina started painting when she was six years old and was lucky enough to find many mentors along the way who encouraged her to pursue her talents. She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and in addition to painting, spent most of her time riding and showing horses. A passion for the four-leggeds endures to this day and can be seen in much of her work. Gina received her degrees in fine art and education. She has taught people of all ages and continues to enrich her life by sharing her gifts with others.


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Deanna Strauss
Style is amazing!

I love your work and your teaching style. I do have a question regarding the paint you prefer and where or brand name of that great palette.and where I might find one?