Kathleen Dunphy

Kathleen Dunphy: Capturing The Light


Video Length: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
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Join acclaimed artist Kathleen Dunphy as she captures the light in the foothills of the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains. Learn why understanding the quality of light is so important and how to express that confidently in your own paintings.


What You'll Learn:

  • Color theory and application
  • Designing for success
  • Focusing on the light
  • Refining back in the studio
  • And much more!


"I just bought your video and downloaded it and watched it immediately. It is probably the best painting video that I own, and I have many. Very well organized presentation and very direct. All of the information is useful and should help me to improve my paintings immediately. Your palette presentation alone justifies the purchase price. Your painting approach and techniques are very easy to understand and retain. It makes me want to paint more. Well done! Many Thanks!"
Jerry McGinnis - North Carolina


"Your DVD is excellent.  i have learned so much and have watched it several times.  the quality of the filming is fantastic and i feel as if i am getting one-on one attention from you. the way you express your techniques is invaluable.  for instance, you explain the "whys" behind the choices you make in ways that i have never heard before from other workshop teachers.  some teachers just say, do it this way, and never give the reasons behind it. i now feel that my plein air paintings will be more successful by pre-mixing my colors and by waiting for the light to be where i want it to be.  thank you so much for your teachings."
Bess in Oregon
"WONDERFUL in every respect! Congratulations! I've watched my share of art-instruction videos over the years and, clearly, your is by far the best that I've seen."
Dennis Cabral - CA
"I felt like I was standing there next to you  as you painted a painting. I have seen that river in past paintings of yours, but it was another thing entirely to see you actually go about selecting and rearranging things in your new painting. ... Your enthusiasm for painting came through loud and clear. Your choice of materials was helpful. The care you took with colors, brushwork, design, and values was very helpful. All in all it was a great video! I learned a lot, will watch it again in a bit, and I strongly recommend it for others who want to paint better. I can see this video appealing to a wide range of painters from beginners to more advanced. "
Charles M Stewart - Maine
"Simply put, you have shown me the way to becoming a better artist... I don't have to paint the same way I have always painted and HOPE to magically improve somehow. For the very first time - amazingly enough - I understand that improvement isn't about luck or about taking the right workshop or buying the right easel. It's a logical process. My only regret about taking your workshop is that I didn't do it long ago."
Bruce Hancock - Carmichael, CA