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Video Length: 5 Hours 40 Minutes

Who among you hasn’t wanted to paint the beauty of the mountains around Zion Park in southern Utah?

Well if you haven’t had that chance, or want to see how to do it in the loose, expressionist painting style of master artist Kathryn Stats, this DVD is your chance to see how she captures the majesty and grandeur of this beautiful mountain scene.

Take a workshop with Kathryn Stats as she expertly captures the scene in the alla prima method, using a previously painted, on-site study and a computer monitor for references, while giving advice and information on the elements of oil painting as she demonstrates her unique style while using both palette knife and, mostly, bristle brushes.

She clearly describes her palette of colors which are most effective in producing the realistic colors and values of this impressive mountain scene.
Kathryn also discusses and demonstrates the importance of aerial perspective in creating the three dimensional form, while maintaining the loose nature of the painting. Watch as she looks, then corrects, to maintain the proper relationships.

Her style allows the painting to “read” well almost from the beginning, even though much is yet to come. Through periods of silence, Kathryn allows the observer to become absorbed in her slow, yet deliberate, paint strokes that create the loose and difficult task of capturing the monumental nature of this majestic overview.
Her love of color, her unerring sense of proper light and her skillful brushwork makes this strong, deliberate painting feel effortless.


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