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Laurin McCracken Combo Set


Video Length: 10 Hours 20 Minutes
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This Combo Set includes 2 Laurin McCracken Instructional Videos

Watercolor Realism: Glass & Wood

Inspired by the Dutch still-life painters of the 16th and 17th centuries, watercolor master Laurin McCracken has made it his life’s mission to capture the beauty of objects in spectacular detail. He’s won all the top awards and is considered one of the best watercolor artists on earth.

In Watercolor Realism: Glass & Wood, Laurin walks you through every step of his painting process from start to finish. Discover how he attains such a high level of realism and how he achieves his rich, deep black — a hallmark of his award-winning paintings. Expand your knowledge of tools and learn — from brushes to paper to paint — which will make the difference for your realistic paintings. You’ll explore every step Laurin takes to achieve his glass and wood painting so you can repeat the process with any subject matter while you paint along. You can apply these techniques to any realism subject … not JUST glass and wood.

Techniques to Take With You!

  • Complete one start-to-finish watercolor painting
  • Learn how to paint realistically
  • Discover which papers, brushes, and paint are best for realistic painting
  • How to paint realistic glass
  • How to paint realistic wood
  • How to paint rich background blacks
  • How to use McCracken’s signature brush techniques



Watercolor Realism: Silver & Crystal 

Laurin McCracken’s Offers It All:

  • Paint realistic details without the risk of your painting looking like a photo!
  • Develop realism skills you don’t possess and thought impossible (you’ll be shocked at what you CAN do!)
  • Correct your mistakes now and avoid big headaches later
  • Discover how to create Laurin’s rich, deep black background — he’ll show you how he does it!
  • Make your watercolors behave the way you want them to!
  • It’s all in the details … or is it?
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques to set up a magical still life scene!
  • Laurin’s Two-Brush Technique … whoa!
  • But first … draw!
  • It takes a lot of THIS to get Laurin’s look and style! (Now you’ll be in the know!)
  • Involve your viewers — they’ll love you for it!
  • Which brush when? Laurin to the rescue!
  • If you do this ONE thing, you’ll have way more fun when you paint!
  • This took Laurin 15 years to learn … you’ll get it all in this ONE video!
  • All of This … and so much more!


Also included in the video:

  • Exhibit of Laurin’s work
  • Fan favorite: High-speed view of the demonstration painting


“Watercolor, oh watercolor … how we love you so…
But why, oh why, do you travel where we don’t want you to go?
— CCPs Unofficial Amateur Poet Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous!