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Video Length: 5 Hours 17 Minutes
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Grab The Best Of Mary Garrish In One Bundle

Any serious oil painter knows the importance of values, color mixing, and most importantly, design.

This is your opportunity to improve your understanding of those 3 elements by learning from one of the best in the business: Mary Garrish, the President of Plein Air Painters of the South East.

Every serious oil painter should consider studying her work.

What sets Mary's work apart is the unique magic she brings to each piece. Her paintings have a way of transporting you to the scene, making you feel as if you are right there, surrounded by the beauty of nature. 

As Karen Hewitt Hagan notes, "It's hard to describe how refreshed and relaxed her paintings make you feel, but when you meet her you understand that feeling is a direct translation of Mary's joy and zest for living."

This bundle is a collection of Mary’s best techniques that got her to where she is today.

Inside this bundle contains Mary’s brand new video called, “Tonalism”.


This video will show you the power of “Tonalism”, and how you can create stunning “poetic” paintings using a very limited palette. You’ll also learn the secrets of adding atmosphere and texture that leaves behind a lasting impression on your viewers. Plus, she’ll also demonstrate how to use cold wax that will set your art apart from others.


Mary’s best-selling video, “6 Elements Of Design”


In this video, Mary is going to discuss in-depth each of the 6 elements individually. She’s going to make it very easy for you to understand each of them so you’ll have a strong foundation. You’ll discover key lessons on line, shape, values, color, edges, and texture. If your goal is to create great paintings every time,this video is a must-have in your library.

This bundle is probably going to be one of the best investments you will ever make towards your art education and artistic development.