Jean Pederson

Jean Pederson: Mixed Media - People

Video Length: 2 Hours 7 Minutes


  1. Introduction
  2. Project Materials —basic overview of materials to have on hand
  3. The Value of Good Design —The TWO THINGS you need to know to grab the viewer's eye and make a great painting (no matter what your subject)
  4. Compose Your Collagerepetition with variety is a really good rule! Keep it simple.
  5. Prepare Your Surface — how to prepare a collaged surface in preparation for painting--what you need to know to get a smooth, workable surface that stays put!
  6. Choose & Place Your Subject — simplelinesno detail needed. 
  7. Choose Your Color Palette — ideas on what colors might best express the mood you want in your painting.
  8. Dark Background Wash — mix and paint a dark transparent wash to identify the figure within the composition. LearnWhat NOT to do with acrylic paint.
  9. Light Neutral Background Wash — complete the background of the painting with a light neutral. 
  10. First Wash on the Figure — think FLAT shapes, Color and Temperature can help things appear to recede in space or come forward.
  11. Develop the Painting — still thinking flat and simple, glaze additional layers to get a good variety of darks vs lights and warms vs cools.
  12. Add More Collage — weave it in and out of the figure.
  13. Final Adjustments — adjust the painting so that nothing takes away from the figure. Add final flourishes.


Video Includes:

Painting Demonstration - 105 min.
Interview - 5 min.
Exhibit of Works - 3 min.
High Speed View - 1 min.
Making Collage Papers - 13 min.
Other Creative Catalyst Videos - 18 min.


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