Nancie King Mertz/Brenda Boylan Pastel Combo


Video Length: 5 Hours 36 Minutes
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Nancie King Mertz: Urban Pastel Painting


Cassatt and Degas Are Pastel Legends Award-Winning Artist Reveals Her Secrets to Creating an Urban Pastel Masterpiece


Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to simplify a complicated structure (this should help both beginners and seasoned painters)
  • IMPORTANT: What you need to know about using warm colors at the back of your painting
  • It’s all about detail, right? Wrong! Especially at this certain point in the painting process
  • Why you should think VERY carefully about the color of paper you use. (Many artists fall into the trap of not paying enough attention to this — discover why it’s crucial you don’t become one of them)
  • Beware of introducing “lights” too soon (Nancie explains why this is the case … and when you should introduce them)
  • Don’t be afraid to “push” color … BUT … you need to make sure of this if you want to get it right
  • How to draw the eye of your viewer to the back of your painting using a light violet
  • How Nancie gives her painting a “little more life” in the final stages
  • Pastels vs. oils vs. watercolors: Here’s why you’ll fall in love with pastels
  • Looking to fill in “tighter” areas of your painting? Then you need to know this
  • Plan on painting a city scene? Then what Nancie has to say about painting windows is something you don’t want to miss
  • Counterintuitive advice for creating the “center of interest” of your painting (this should make your work far more interesting)
    Plus much more — including…


Composition tips for unique urban paintings…

How to layer colors for rich results…


Brenda Boylan: Pastel FUNdamentals


Brenda invites us into her studio. She shows us her private process from idea … to finished, jaw-droppingly beautiful landscape.

If you’re like most artists, you admire the work of other artists and marvel at their ability to create such magic that you can’t look away. 

Brenda will reveal her tricks. She’ll show you how the magic is done. You’ll soon be on your way to creating the same stunning effects, and people will be wondering how YOU do it!


What will you learn in Brenda Boylan’s new video: Pastel FUNdamentals?

  • The FOUR layers of Brenda’s design pyramid
  • Why THIS element is FUNdamental in composition
  • How mistakes propel you forward
  • When painting with pastels, THIS is the paper you must use
  • Why every subject you choose MUST have this one thing 
  • Brenda’s secret for creating undeniable emotion in all who view her paintings
  • How to give your work harmonious color
  • What to do with broken pastels
  • How to demystify framing challenges for pastel paintings
  • The secret power of a personal connection to your subject
  • How to apply darks lightly as shapes
  • Brenda’s method for a solid underpainting
  • The “lights on” secret
  • The right way to apply isopropyl alcohol so it just melts in
  • What paper is perfect for texture and depth
  • How to use the flat edge of the pastel for big impact
  • The right order to apply pastels to keep them clean
  • How to paint “barn wood” the right way
  • How to get delicate, detailed lines in trees
  • The “sky hole” trick for a captivating sky
  • A way to get grasses and weeds to look realistic
  • How using edges can guide the eye
  • The “step back” technique and why you MUST know it
  • And so much more!