Pastel Beginner Bundle



 Four Excellent Pastel Courses, One Amazing Price


Brenda Boylan: Pastel FUNdamentals


What will you learn in Brenda Boylan’s new video: Pastel FUNdamentals?

  • The FOUR layers of Brenda’s design pyramid
  • Why THIS element is FUNdamental in composition
  • How mistakes propel you forward
  • When painting with pastels, THIS is the paper you must use
  • Why every subject you choose MUST have this one thing 
  • Brenda’s secret for creating undeniable emotion in all who view her paintings
  • How to give your work harmonious color
  • What to do with broken pastels
  • How to demystify framing challenges for pastel paintings
  • The secret power of a personal connection to your subject
  • How to apply darks lightly as shapes
  • Brenda’s method for a solid underpainting
  • The “lights on” secret
  • The right way to apply isopropyl alcohol so it just melts in
  • What paper is perfect for texture and depth
  • How to use the flat edge of the pastel for big impact
  • The right order to apply pastels to keep them clean
  • How to paint “barn wood” the right way
  • How to get delicate, detailed lines in trees
  • The “sky hole” trick for a captivating sky
  • A way to get grasses and weeds to look realistic
  • How using edges can guide the eye
  • The “step back” technique and why you MUST know it
  • And so much more!


Discover the missing pieces in your own technique

Brenda invites us into her studio. She shows us her private process from idea … to finished, jaw-droppingly beautiful landscape.

If you’re like most artists, you admire the work of other artists and marvel at their ability to create such magic that you can’t look away. 

Brenda will reveal her tricks. She’ll show you how the magic is done. You’ll soon be on your way to creating the same stunning effects, and people will be wondering how YOU do it!

Brenda Boylan puts the FUN back in FUNdamentals

It may sound a little hokey, but once you “meet” Brenda on this video, you’ll see she has a lighthearted, sunny, and happy disposition.

Learning from Brenda is so easy. You are entertained WHILE learning. Pay close attention so you don’t miss the secrets as you’re laughing!


William A. Schneider: Pastel Painting Secrets


With Bill’s guidance, you’ll see:

  • Painting with pastels is easy and fun: Once you learn even a few of these secrets, you’ll feel a burning desire to find out more!
  • How to transfer your painting knowledge to pastel painting: It is the next step in taking your art into an entirely new style of painting, and great for those moments when oils just won’t do.
  • How to create an endless palette: Limited only by your imagination, you can create any color — no need to run out and purchase a specific color you may use only once!
  • How you can easily adapt techniques: You probably already know more about pastel painting techniques than you think!
  • The right way to handle and care for pastels: Pastels can be a bit fragile, but even if they break, you can keep on using them — no waste!
  • How you can make corrections: Pastels are very forgiving, allowing you to make corrections and adjustments as you go.


Master Artist William A. Schneider takes you step-by-step through a pastel portrait

Well known for his amazing oil paintings, Bill found that painting with pastels added an additional layer of interest and passion to his art career. He also found that many of the skills he used in oil painting were easily transferable to pastels.

He came to understand that pastels were just the next natural progression in his own career and a great addition to what he teaches in his workshops, which are attended by everyone from carpenters to doctors to professional artists.

And now you can learn directly from this great artist as Liliedahl Productions escorts you to your own front row seat to discover the treasures in Pastel Painting Secrets with master artist William A. Schneider.


Albert Handell: Mastering Pastels


Highlights of this video course:

  • A beautiful pastel painting demonstration
  • Never-heard-before painting tips and tricks from the master himself
  • The surprising positive side of watercolor accidents
  • The “sky-holes” technique for shaping trees
  • How to start a painting, finish a painting, and everything in between!
  • Boost the “carrying power” of your paintings to draw viewers in
  • An in-depth understanding of how warm colors “rise” and cool colors “drop”
  • How to make enhanced composition changes as you paint
  • Methods to eliminate “overworking” a painting
  • Why watercolor and pastel is a perfect mix
  • Create space with transparent and opaque colors
  • Albert’s unique “Hunter-Gatherer” organizing strategy
  • An insightful interview with Albert Handell
  • A digital gallery of some of Albert’s best work
  • BONUS: 2019 tribute video created to honor Albert as he was presented with PleinAir magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award
  • And much, much more!

You have the incredible opportunity to learn about pastel painting from Albert Handell, an art legend!

This is an amazing video course where Albert shares techniques, insights, and wisdom that he has gained through his seven decades as an artist.

You’ll watch how this master painter begins a painting, progresses through each stage, and how he decides when it is finished … allowing you to stop overworking your own paintings.

You’ll see how Handell harmonizes the transparent and opaque passages of the pastel — creating a delightful and pleasing composition.

He’ll show you how to maximize each and every color of the pastel by understanding its nature.

You’ll experience in-depth explanations of landscape proportions (demonstrations included!)

Albert even shares his secrets for grabbing a viewers’ attention, even from afar, and drawing them into the painting by amplifying its “carrying power.”

He offers you his best techniques on how to create exciting and dynamic paintings by avoiding boring placement.

You’ll learn how to “see through things” and know exactly how to strongly complete certain areas of the painting — critical to the composition.

One of the biggest benefits you’ll gain is how to maintain intentional variety and unity throughout your painting to keep the eyes of your viewers glued to your creation!

Don’t miss your chance to study pastel painting with Albert Handell.


Karen Margulis: Expressive Pastel Painting


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside Expressive Pastel Painting: Loosen Up and Be More Bold:

  • Karen Margulis’s COMPLETE pastel painting process, plus the full walkthrough of her genius "M.A.P. Approach"...
  • How to STOP blindly copying the reference photo and start interpreting it like an artist...
  • Secrets to adding TEXTURE with pastels (even experienced artists struggle with this; you’ll get the shortcut inside)
  • How to AVOID making your colors look dull and muddy, and simple methods to add EXCITEMENT for the viewer…Techniques to help you be LOOSER with your approach...
  • Tips on mark-making that will improve your painting almost instantly…How to take FULL advantage of the pastel medium so you can be more creative and exploratory (painting will be extremely fun after this!)
  • How to have MORE interesting colors in your painting (time to move away from using only local colors!)
  • How to overcome the fear of the blank canvas, and the surprisingly simple strategy to know exactly where to start…
  • How to know your painting is complete (you'll LOVE Karen's thoughts on this)
  • How to tap into your inner creativity with the pastel medium and explore UNUSUAL underpaintings...
  • How to capture “glowing light,” how to work on thickly textured surfaces, and how to do underpainting correctly...
  • Karen’s award-winning techniques on how to balance the MYSTERY and detail in your paintings to grab and hold the viewer’s attention...
  • How to use your ARTISTIC LICENSE to tell a captivating story (collectors and dealers WANT to see this) ...
  • Simple ways to punch up the texture and add DEPTH to your pastel paintings…
  • Pro-level insights on how to CONTROL & ORCHESTRATE the visual journey for the viewer...
  • PLUS: Karen’s unique techniques like the “Light Touch” layering technique and “Whisper Vs. Shout” technique (more inside!)
  • and so many more insights and painting wisdom that will speed up your progress!


The “M.A.P. Approach is designed by Karen Margulis, a terrific instructor and pastel artist.

Inside this instructional video, Karen will showcase the versatility and vibrancy of the pastel medium and prove to you that YOU can easily create artwork like her.

She’s going to share mind-blowing insights that will allow you to paint with MORE EXPRESSION and confidence.

You’re going to discover tips and techniques that will help you interpret your reference material rather than simply copying it.

Karen will break down complicated concepts into simpler, easy-to-grasp info nuggets

…and make the entire painting process approachable with step-by-step instruction.