Rose Frantzen - Morgan Weistling Portrait Bundle


Video Length: 22 Hours 50 Minutes
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Two Portraits Artists, Two Methods That Astound and Amaze…for one low price!

In Portraits in Conversation, Rose Frantzen holds nothing back as she shares her ideas and methods so you can find ways to express your own concepts and approaches to your portrait paintings.

Her art is jam-packed with electrifying expressions balanced with a culmination of disciplines she’s mastered throughout her life … and now you’ll have a premium seat to watch, listen, and learn from this amazing artist.


In her video, you’ll discover:

  • Types of brushwork that evoke emotion from your viewers
  • Methods for telling meaningful stories through your paintings
  • How Rose overcame the challenges of painting alla prima — and how you can too!
  • When it’s a good thing to scrape down your entire painting 
  • Create effects you’ve never thought possible by using both traditional and unusual materials
  • Attack your canvas with chaotic abandonment … and then shape your concepts into a finely tuned, highly disciplined work of art
  • Rose’s special tool for achieving absolute realistic likeness without losing the creative beauty of a portrait
  • How to approach your painting with more intention
  • Ways to increase accuracy in your work


And now we’re joining this popular video with another crowd pleaser at one great low price…

Morgan Weistling realizes that many artists often don’t have the extended time with a model they’d like. 

So in this video, Painting for the Impatient, he shares two different approaches to painting the head that will work for the short format situation. 

The first of his three demonstrations is based on the concept of Painting the Head from the Outside In, a traditional approach which starts with a charcoal drawing and proceeds with a quick lay-in of the masses and finishes with detail and corrections. This approach yielded a fantastic portrait likeness of the model, as you’ll see. 

The second demonstration is a less-used and understood concept which he describes as Painting the Head from the Inside Out. Rather than starting with a drawing, he begins with one feature on the face and finishes it as he moves steadily outward from that point, making every decision based on the preceding correct decisions. The painting reveals itself much like a sculptor reveals his creation from a block of stone. This is his favorite way to work, and he creates a powerful portrait and likeness of the model. 

The third program is a fantastic documentary of a workshop that Morgan taught in the past few years, where his critiques and corrections of students were filmed and captured for your benefit. Three and a half hours are included in this portion and it is tantamount to being able to audit his workshop as we follow him with the eye of the camera. 

There are 23 critique/demos included in this portion of the program, and every level of student is represented in the workshop, from novice to professional. For each, Morgan is able to provide instruction at his or her level of experience and give guidance on how to improve their painting skills.