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Stephen Quiller: Water Media En Plein Air

Video Length: 8 hours

This two-disc DVD set focuses on painting en plein air. The first disc begins with four finished painting chapters from the high country of Colorado. The painting subjects include: a “birds eye” view of a silver miner, a beaver dam during spring runoff, aspen patterns in morning light, and mountain patterns and pond reflections in a high mountain valley. This is followed by a bonus chapter on tips and materials for painting en plein air.


The second disc includes four painting chapters from northern New Mexico. The painting subjects include: a church in a small village on a windy day, the adobe home of Irving Couse, (one of the founding painters of the Taos Society of Artists) in the later afternoon, a soft, snowy, spring day capturing crabapple blossoms and the sunny high desert vista of northern New Mexico mountains, juniper in pinon trees, chamisa and sage. Lastly there is bonus material: Digging Deeper: Southwestern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. This series is meant to inspire and educate all painters who are interested in painting en plein air.



Chapter 1: View of the Commodore Mine

Chapter 2: Cathedral Woods

Chapter 3: Spring Runoff by Allen’s Crossing

Chapter 4: Pond at the La Garita

Bonus Material

Tips and Materials for Painting En Plein Air



Chapter 1: Windy Day, Church at Ortiz

Chapter 2: Home of Irving Couse

Chapter 3: Spring Snow & Crabapple Blossoms

Chapter 4: View by Ojo

Bonus Material

Digging Deeper: Southwestern Colorado

Digging Deeper: Northern New Mexico

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