Sterling Edwards

Sterling Edwards: Spring Landscape - Luminous Watercolor

Video Length: 1 Hour 9 Minutes
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Using a spectrum of lush greens and new watercolor painting techniques, you'll learn how to paint a landscape from start to finish in this video from Sterling Edwards.

    Sterling shows you everything you need to know to master this free-flowing medium, creating strong edges, compositions and values while learning how to paint trees, grasses and more. In just four easy steps you will learn how to paint a landscape in watercolor with invaluable tips and tricks.

    This video focuses on foundational watercolor painting technique such as brushwork, wet-into-wet painting, and negative painting techniques. Sterling shares his own personal approach to bringing landscapes to life on his canvas. Working in watercolors, Sterling will show you how to control your edges and master different values. Create a springtime landscape of your own with this convenient watercolor painting video lesson.


    You'll Love This Watercolor Painting Video If:
    • You want to learn new landscape painting tips from expert Sterling Edwards
    • You love to paint green, lush landscapes & want to know more about working in watercolor
    • You want to learn new watercolor painting techniques while creating a landscape from start to finish


    In Luminous Watercolor with Sterling Edwards: Spring Landscape You'll Learn:
    • How to paint wet-into-wet, techniques for negative painting and how to adjust values
    • Tips & techniques for varied brushwork, edge control and more
    • How to paint light and dark values in watercolor
    • How to paint trees, grass and light that creates a landscape of greens


    Sterling Edwards is a signature member of Canadian Society of Painters of Watercolour and he is the proud recipient of several professional awards. He teaches popular painting workshops around the country, and has more than 15 years of experience as a teacher. He is the author of Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes: A Four Step Process. Sterling Edwards also designed his own set of watercolor painting brushes and palette.