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Video Length: 5 Hours 15 Minutes
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What You’ll Learn in Vera Kavura’s Realistic Flowers in Pastel

How to paint realistic flowers in under an hour

Anyone can paint quickly … but not everyone can paint quickly and create art that attracts attention. The good news is that after watching this video, you’ll be on your way. 

Vera will show you in great detail how she starts with the shapes and highlights of the flower using color alone before adding details.

According to Vera, this approach allows her to “be in unity with nature,” which probably explains why people are saying her flowers look as if they are breathing!

Follow her every step in this video, and soon, you’ll realize that painting flowers that grab attention is not as difficult as you think!

How to improve your “artist’s intuition”...

Vera believes nothing beats nature’s beauty. 

Another one of her winning secrets is to use what nature has already provided us. She uses natural light because it brings out the beauty of the flower the most, and also allows you to see all the shades and tones in their most natural form.

Sometimes she changes the way she colors as the flower opens up its petals! 

Ultimately, what you’ll get out of this video is the skill to “see” nature in all its glory, and then be able to transfer what you see onto the canvas to create your very own stunning artwork.

The most important thing is you’ll improve your “artist’s intuition,” turning you into a far more confident painter.

How to capture nature’s TRUE essence…

Vera never paints from photos because, according to her, photos strip the subject’s true essence. She doesn’t even use artificial flowers as her subjects!

As she says, if you don’t paint from flowers live on site, you’ll miss how the flower moves in the wind, how its vibrant colors react to the natural light, how the shadows bounce off each other, and other intimate nuances that only nature can give.

“If you paint from a photo, you already know the result from the start, because you want to get the same result as what you see in the photo. But if you paint a ‘live’ flower, you’ll be able tocapture its character — its true essence.”

— Vera Kavura


This video will give you the skills to capture nature’s TRUE essence — a skill you can apply to almost anything you want to paint.


Here’s what she’s also revealing inside this video:

  • TWO detailed demonstrations of her paintings: Red Flower and Peonies
  • How to liven up your paintings with fresh approaches you may not have thought of…
  • How to use PanPastel to create large shapes/forms…
  • The “multilayer” pastel secret to creating picturesque paintings…
  • How to create engaging compositions…
  • How to start right away with colors and skip the “preparation” stage…
  • How to mix different shades and create a “transparent” effect
  • The RIGHT way to use a sponge when painting flowers…
  • How to see ALL the colors of the flower (most new artists get this wrong)
  • How to create shape and form simply by using colors…
  • PLUS: How to improve your “artist’s intuition” and be better at transferring life forms to the canvas (a crucial lesson not to be missed)...


In this special bundle, you’ll also get Vera’s debut video: Painting the Flowers of Ukraine


The amazing Vera Kavura is BACK!

This time she has TWO new floral painting demonstrations for you.

This video is perfect for you if you love floral painting and the variety of effects pastel gives you.

Vera’s previous video, “Realistic Flowers in Pastel,” was a huge seller…

…and in this video, you’re getting even MORE tips and insights to further enhance your floral painting skills.

This video will reveal exactly how Vera creates her amazing floral paintings.

You’ll discover how to quickly create composition WITHOUT any preparation and how to start painting with colors from the get-go.

You’ll also learn how to capture the flowers’ unique characteristics on your canvas. 

You’ll also discover simple ways to expertly manipulate your pastels to create lifelike effects


Here’s a small taste of what’s inside“Painting the Flowers of Ukraine”:

  • How to harness the emotional power of flowers on your canvas
  • How to paint realistic flowers WITHOUT drawing/sketching or any long preparation
  • Vera's pastel techniques to create shape and form just by using colors
  • How to develop your “Artist's Intuition” to capture the flower’s natural beauty
  • Key insights that will help you create lifelike and emotionally impactful floral paintings
  • TWO detailed demonstrations of Vera’s award-winning pastel techniques (spring flowers and irises)
  • Learn how to paint from LIFE and stop copying photos
  • How to use pastel multi-layering to create picturesqueness
  • How to use soft pastels to create beautiful details
  • How to create different effects by applying the right amount of pressure
  • What types of colors to use for flowers, and which ones to avoid
  • Tips on how to see the UNDERTONES of the flower
  • How to create the illusion of volume and depth
  • PLUS: Advanced Pastel Technique: “Contrast Intensification” (This will transform how you paint flowers)
  • …and so many more tips!