William A. Schneider: Inner Flame (Pastel)

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Video Length: 4 Hours 30 Minutes

This is a excellent video for learning the most important principles of lights/darks, shadows, and edges that are brought about when the subject is illuminates by a warm, low light such as a candle or a flame such as the kerosene lamp used in this demonstration.

Schneider is an outstanding painter, having won many, many awards in both pastel and oil, and has the excellent ability to explain what he's doing and why during the painting process.

Although the medium used in this painting is pastel, most important principles demonstrated are just as applicable when using oils.

Bill begins by demonstrating his process of drawing the images on the boards, then continues by creating the lights and shadows created by the illuminating lamp.

The intent in this video is not so much to show accurately rendered images, which are excellent anyway, but to demonstrate the effects of the light, which is included in the painting...not a normal lighting situation, and he clearly does it justice on both accounts.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn this valuable technique in order to enhance your own abilities, be it pastel or oil.