Richie Vios

Richie Vios: Confident Watercolor


Video Length: 2 Hours 3 Minutes
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During this exclusive video course, Richie lays out the three core skills you need to confidently create watercolor paintings. These three core skills influence how you think, see, and execute before and during painting.


Gain New Skills and Confidence!

  • Handle elusive watercolors — and let go of your need to control the paint
  • The surefire way to let go of mental blocks so you can become a bold and spontaneous watercolor artist
  • The one simple method to ensure your painting success before you even lift the brush
  • Why it’s not enough to copy someone’s techniques, and how to become an artistic individual yourself instead
  • The 3 simple steps to increase your confidence in your painting skills
  • Richie’s never-done-before “charging and de-charging” technique that allows you to create interesting, new, and soft color transitions as well as interesting patterns. This alone is worth the small investment to change your painting.
  • The sneaky method of correcting mistakes and creating lighter areas in your painting without using opaque white or other paints.
  • How to add emphasis and fine details with this special brushwork technique
  • Pulling off wet-to-wet and wet-to-dry washes through “gravity”
  • The one special brush that makes dry-brushing fun and easy
  • Richie’s secret method of applying paint without ever touching a palette

Learn the three strategies and watch your confidence soar through the roof.
How Can Richie Help You Boost Your Confidence As A Painter?
Richie himself put it best:
 “If you don’t believe in your work, who does?”
If you have low confidence in your skills and results, it will show. Low confidence is visible in your finished paintings — but probably even more importantly, it shows in your painting process.
Without self-confidence, you can’t make bold moves. You don’t dare to try something new. 
Instead, you hold back. Your paintings look restrained and stiff. Plus, you have a hard time enjoying yourself while painting.
Remember that confidence comes from being confident in your ability and your process.
Richie is bold in his paintings as well as in his teaching. In many ways, he’s a maverick. 
And he’ll show you how you can unleash your inner potential by mastering the foundations first and knowing exactly what to do in each step of the process.

Chapter Breakdown:

  • Introduction
  • Basic Skills--a brief review of concepts you need to know about watercolor. No action, just examples and terms you need to know
  • Visualization--review Richie’s visualization checklist before you start to paint and to keep in in mind as you paint so you have successful results: Focal Point or Center of Interest, Gradient, Shapes & Tangency, Ling of Sigh or Eye Path, Lost & Found Edges, Yin & Yang (value contrast) / Fire & Ice (chroma contrast), Gravity, Timing
  • Build Confidence with Practice--a short, quick demo painting a boat in the water to establish the color scheme, timing, brushwork, etc that will apply to the larger painting to come
  • Demonstration: Underpainting--lay in a wash on sky and water, following same process and colors as done on our practice demo
  • Demonstration: Paint the Waves --Light to dark, wave, reflection. Moving the surface around can help your waves dry the right way
  • Demonstration: Develop Larger Shapes & Distance--why NOT to mix more than 3 colors together. Painting distance. Easy tip to mixing a variety of grays with only 3 colors. Why using WHITE can be a good thing. Painting reflections---Reflections are like a rhythm. Wet-into-wet, charging with color and with water, hard vs soft edges, using tip of brush or belly of brush--techniques
  • Demonstration: Develop Darks & Smaller Shapes--figures, details, fixing mistakes (getting the white back with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser), tip to harmonize edges and color
  • Demonstration: Evaluate & Adjust--review the checklist as it applies to your painting to find areas needing improvement--correct shapes, add highlights, harmonize color like a filter
  • Demonstration: Enhance Contrasts & Details--darken the shadows and adjust shapes, develop the figures and highlights with opaques, add splatter (You know you are confident if you’re not afraid to dirty-up your painting)
  • Demonstration: The Final Stage--The Final Stage

Exhibit of Works: an inspiring slideshow of Richie’s paintings
High-Speed View: (Viewer Favorite!) a time-lapse version of the in-process painting demonstration gives a quick glimpse at how RIchie paints this sunset scene at the boat dock
Insights from the artist: Richie discusses growing up around art and how he became interested in pursuing art himself. Be inspired by Richie’s passion for painting!